The Pursuit of Happiness



        The film is adapted from a true story about a man named Chris Gardner (Will Smith), a very smart and talented. Unfortunately he did not get the job according talent. He only worked as a salesman  with a part-time working hours, when he had to support his family. Family of Chris Gardner (Will Smith) invests the family savings in Osteo National bone-density scanners. This is a bone density scanner, a medical instrument that he sells to make a living. This machine produces an image that is much better than the x-ray beam with the price doubled. He must sell at least two machines in a month to pay the rent and daily necessities. The problem is he hasn’t been able to sell the machine lately. This brings him having problems with his wife Linda (Thandie Newton). Linda, Chris’s wife worked at the laundry, and she seems bored with his life. And then Linda left him and moved to New York. Their son Christopher (Jaden Smith) remains with Chris because he and his wife both know that he will be able to take better care of himself.

        One day, Chris met with someone in front of a building. He had a luxurious Ferrari and dressed neatly. Chris asked him “What do you do?, And how did you do it?” Then he replied “I’m a stockbroker where you should be proficient in playing numbers and skilled in interacting with others”. Since for that moment, Chris decided to became a stockbroker.

        Without any money or a wife, but committed to his son, Chris sees a chance to fight for a stockbroker internship position at Dean Witter, offering a more promising career at the end of a six-month unpaid training period. During that period, Chris goes through a lot of hardship personally and professionally. When he thinks he is “stable,” he finds that he has lost $600 when the government takes the last bit of money in his bank account for taxes. He is rendered homeless because he can’t pay his rent. He is forced at one point to stay in a bathroom at a train station, and must scramble from work every day to the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, which offers shelter to the homeless. He must leave work early every day so that he is there by 5:00 in the evening along with his son so that he may be assured of a place to sleep. He is seen carrying his suitcase to work because he doesn’t have a home. At work, there are nineteen other candidates for the one position.

        Until finally, he is called into an office and in it were the heads of Dean Witter. Chris thinks that he is about to be told the job will not be his as he says that he wore a shirt and tie for his final day. Then they tell him that he has been an excellent trainee and that tomorrow he will have to wear his shirt and tie again as it will be his first day as a broker. Chris struggles to hold back tears. Outside he begins to cry as the busy people of San Francisco walk past him. He rushes to his son’s daycare, hugging him and knowing that after everything him and his son had been through things would be all right.

        The final scene shows Chris walking with his son down a street. His son is telling him a joke, when a wealthy business man in a suit walks past. Chris looks back as the man continues on. The man in the suit is none other than the real Chris Gardner. Their life was ironi but Chris remained on the establishment to be a loving father to his son. After beginning his career at dean witter, Chris Gardner went on to found the investment firm Gardner rich in 1987. In 2006, Chris Gardner sold a minority stake in his brokerage firm in multi-million dollar dear.

        In this film, I like Will Smith because he was a good father for his child, never give up and he was brave to try. Although this film is long, but there are some important messages given by Chris Gardner that could be used as inspiration in your life:

  1. If you have a dream, you have to keep.
  2. If you want something, it’s Reach.
  3. Worked hard seriously, and showed the our commitment.
  4. The attitude must friendly and good to other people.
  5. Don’t give up to face the problem and challenge life.
  6. Always prepared your self with good to face the something.


“You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it”


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