What will you do after graduated from gunadarma university ?

        The first thing I did when I graduated from Gunadarma that I thank God because I have been guided in the lecture and all the activities that I do, and thanks to my parents who taught me, so that I could be a scholar.When I graduated from university Gunadarma. I will be applying for a job with the knowledge I gained during college. I aspire to become an accountant, tax, audit and entrepreneurs. Therefore I will try to apply these at work. If I accepted the job, I will work well. My first salary, I will give to mom. After that, I’ll save my salary piecemeal. I would use the money to open a business such as a clothing store or the other. Then, I want to bring my mom to go travel abroad and make her happy. Then one day I had to be successful for the mother and late father. Target married I was 25 years old, hopefully there is a man who asked me to marry with him later. I won’t forget to always communicate with my friends. I’ll do the best for all. God bless.


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